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Thornton Colorado Painting ContractorsWhether you have a modest home or a sprawling estate, Ambassador Painting guarantees the highest quality of craftsmanship in every project we do. All of your exterior surfaces will be prepared correctly before applying any fine finishes, according to our high industry standards.

Ambassador Painting specializes in exterior house painting services in the Thornton, Colorado area with its sometimes harsh conditions that require exceptional quality paints to expand and contract without breaking down and blistering.

Our focus is on servicing the needs of your residential homefor years to come with outstanding customer service and superior quality products.

Our Thornton area painting company has expertise in the treatment and repair of exterior residential painting problem surfaces, like flaking, peeling, and bubbling areas.

Our pre-painting preparation includes cleaning, washing, scraping, and sanding all old paint. We then prime the bare wood, check for loose nails, repair any lose/rotten siding, caulk wood joints and cracks with a high-quality caulk sealer that is rated for 45 years. Finally, our professional house painting staff applies a hand brush and roller paint finish.

When you consider the temperature extremes of theThornton Colorado areawe, asprofessional painters, have to confrontcool mornings and hot arid afternoon conditions. Unless the surface preparation is first class most painting products will not last with the temperature-induced flexing and shrinking.

If these proper procedures are followed then there is no reason a paint job shouldn’t last at least 5 to 7 years. The newer acrylic paints have superior color retention qualities and are less likely to dull when compared to oil-based type of paints.

Again, surface preparation is the biggest reason many painting jobs lack durability. Your Thornton painting contractors should know what it takes to give you superior quality as well as satisfaction with your house painting project for years to come.

Choose Ambassador Painting as your trusted Thornton painting contractors to complete your next house paint project and stop worrying about all the details and types of issues.

Thornton Colorado Painting Contractors