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House Painting Thornton

Thornton House Painting by Ambassador Painting Home Painters

Need to Paint Your House?

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House Painting Thornton


Ambassador Painting co is a family-owned organization that has been Painting in Thornton since 2009. Close to eleven years of experience has made us a premiere Local Paint Professional. Residential paint projects require more than just buying paint and applying it to the surfaces of your house, it also deserves a home painting professional that will see it to completion with stellar results.

Home Painting Thornton

Complete House Painting Before Winter

What is the best month to paint a house?

Summer seems to be the best time to paint a Thornton home since it is normally warmer and dry. But not all homeowners are able to paint their residence during the summertime, rather, some choose to paint in the late fall or early springtime.

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With our many years of experience, we have actually established a comprehensive method to provide the very best value as well as provide home paint services using the latest technology, high-quality products, and also utilizing an expert, knowledgeable staff. Call today to schedule your complimentary free estimate along with a free color consultation for your home painting task at (720) 984-0918.


CO Painters

When you hire Ambassador Painting, you are working with a totally licensed house paint contractor, as well as insured professional painters in Thornton, CO anxious to provide you with a complete range of home painter services such as quality exterior and interior paint and renovation services. Our integrity is proven not just by our years as a house paint contractor, but also with our impressive reviews of outstanding customer service, from previous customers. We can supply recommendations from over a decade of happy consumers so you can learn about how home painters should care about each project. We also offer our company guarantee of a 4-year limited warranty for each Thornton home painted, as well as being an EPA lead-safe certified firm. We do not offer Commercial Painter services at this time.

Our Painters

Interior Painting

Home Interior and Exterior Painting Techniques

Our Home Painters use a hand brush and roller technique that creates a strong coat of paint act as a barrier for protection for your interior as well as the exterior of the home. Clients can anticipate outstanding quality handiwork, amazing outcomes that you will like, and all on time. Get your home painted before winter with latex paint that you will want to have applied at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above for great results.

Exterior Painting

We want to be the best home painters in Colorado and the new awards listed on our website Home page are a testament to that fact.

Full-Service House Painting Contractor


Ambassador Painting co sets itself apart, as a full-service interior painting house painter contractor, by meeting your high standards for quality, with exceptional customer care, that you will like, at a competitive price every time. We would love to schedule your free estimate and free color consultation today at (720) 984-0918, and to provide you an exceptional finish to your Thornton home painting project.

Professional Interior Exterior Painting Contractor

Interior or Exterior

Interior Exterior Painting

If you are looking to get a knowledgeable local,professional Interior Exterior painting contractor, we supply excellent residential painting services – interior painting and exterior house painting; as well as minor siding replacement as a plus to our exterior house painting services. See our paint project examples below for more Thornton home painting solutions.

No matter if it’s a small interior painting task or a large house exterior painting job we are sure we can easily meet your needs. We are the home painters that you need to get the job finished correctly, on time, and for the right pricing, that will make you proud all around north Denver.

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Give our team a call or request a free quote to get a professional Thornton home painters consultation on your paint tasks. We can answer the questions of what is the cost of interior painting or exterior painting of a house? Or possibly just how many square feet does a gallon of paint take care of?

Residential Interior Exterior Painting, not Commercial Painting

Residential House Painting Painter Services

When searching for residential interior exterior painting contractors look no further than Ambassador Painting, your Thornton paint contractor to get professional painter services and good results. We focus on Residential, not commercial painting services.

Whether your Thornton paint project is big or small, interior or exterior, Ambassador Painting is dedicated to providing the best painter services possible. We take pride in our local residential painting (not commercial painting) and desire to give an attractive appearance to every area we work in. We offer affordable residential interior exterior painting services to help make your home look new and fresh again. We guarantee you will really like the results.

Can Hail Damage Your House Paint?

Learn more about hail damage to your home below.
hail damage coFolks that live in Thornton, Colorado which is also considered north Denver, know that the occasional hail storm rolls through, mainly during the spring and summer times.

Paint Protects and Beautifies

Exterior House Painting Helps To Protect Your Investment

Lots of people think about house paint as a great appearance feature, and it is, but it’s also a layer of protection for your home which is probably your biggest financial investment.

The paint actually provides excellent protection to the composition or wood siding from the sun, sleet, snow, rain, as you may probably already know. See our North Denver and Thornton residential paint project examples below for exterior house painting Denver metro area.

If left untreated, hail damage to the surface paint can guarantee, or probably lead to extensive and pricey repairs down the line. Keep reading to learn how to spot damage from hail.

Paint with Hail Damage

When the paint layer is dented by hail and cracked, or broken, your home is at risk for decaying wood, splitting, molding, and depending on the seriousness of the damage and the length of time it is left unattended, the damage can cause leaks and create an entrance for bugs to find their way into the wood, or worse, inside your home. If unsure that you have hail damage, call Ambassador Painting for a free estimate and free color consultation.

The initial step is to be able to recognize that you even have hail damage, to begin with.

How To Look For Hail Damage

hail damage Colorado
Some hail damage is easy to observe and may seem obvious in some areas of your home, while other damage to house paint can often be a little challenging to identify.

Chips to the paint or missing paint knocked away by the hail.

hail damage

When trying to find hail damage, pay very close attention to any trim that protrudes far from your house as the hail is most likely to harm these areas. Search for swirl marks where the hail has impacted the wood. Newly harmed wood generally appears as lighter in color while older damage may appear grey in color.

Hail damage to wood such as decks, fences, siding, etc. from bigger hail will be easier to see.

Some hail damage can be tough to see if the light is not ideal so try to observe different areas at various times of the day, and from different angles as well.

Look for any indentions in the wood or any splatter marks with paint or stain missing, or call Ambassador to take a look for you.


Thornton, Colorado north Denver metro area

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Thornton, CO

Thornton, Colorado

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Painting, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Deck Painting, Fence Painting, and Commercial.

Ambassador Painting will guarantee our work and backs each painting project with our 4-year limited warranty so call today for a free complimentary estimate and free color consultation for your Thornton paint task at (720) 984-0918.

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Ambassador Painting, simply the best house painters in Denver metro, for exceptional interior, and exterior house painting services.