House Painting Services by Ambassador Painting

House Painting Services by Ambassador Painting, the best house painter in Colorado using top-quality Benjamin Moore paints for your home exterior to last for years to come against harsh weather conditions.

Top-Quality Preparation Services:

Painting Contractor ServiceWith most projects, preparation and organization are generally the most vital elements to success. Ambassador Painting uses this wisdom with experience along with proven industry techniques in our top-quality preparation services.

Our team of professionals will thoroughly prepare all the surfaces of your home in this step with the following techniques:

  • Scrape
  • Hand sand loose paint & rough surfaces
  • Caulk the home using Siliconized acrylic 45-year caulk, important to keep moisture out of the siding
  • Fix loose nails
  • Wood Replacement and secure loose boards
  • Prime exposed and bare surfaces

As you will see all of our work is done very carefully, by hand and with great attention to detail. Our meticulous attention to all of these details is one of the biggest reasons for our success and your satisfaction.

A common practice for preparation today is power washing which forces water and/or chemicals into the home’s exterior building materials that are meant to protect your home which can cause them to expand as well as drive moisture in the areas where the caulk is weak or has broken down, that will probably lead to damage.

This is why we usually steer away from this practice. For folks that still want this type of preparation, we will provide it. Power washing can be very effective with cleaning real wood fencing, decks, driveways and sidewalks.

Power Washing

Top-Quality Application:

All of our projects include hand brushed and hand-rolled applications. This helps the paint penetrate into the pores and surface of the exterior, which results in a thicker as well as a more durable coating of paint. Our top-quality paint application is preferred by most homeowners 3 to l above high-pressure spraying techniques that are commonly used by our competition. Hand brush and roller exceed industry standards for coverage, long life and strength while sprayers can give you less life expectancy from your paint. Our top-quality paint application services will give you a superior finished product, leaving you and your neighbors happy for many years.

Ambassador House Painting Services

Top-Quality Materials:

Ambassador Painting uses top-quality Benjamin Moore paints which is one of the highest-grade paints available anywhere to best serve your Colorado home. The Benjamin Moore paints are designed for high altitude weather conditions and dry climate that the Colorado area is well known for. The Benjamin Moore paints come in a satin finish, which helps to reflect the high ultra-violet light waves. Not only does this top quality feature leave a beautiful finish, it helps to keep the paint from fading which allows it to sustain its beauty and luster for many years.

Also, most people recognize Benjamin Moore paint as a premium quality product. Comax caulk is used to seal the home well before painting.

Top-Quality Warranty:

We are so confident in the longevity of our workmanship and materials that we stand behind the craftsmanship with a limited 4-year warranty on Paint labor and materials. Our warranty excludes acts of God, areas of pretreated wood and standing water. This includes, but is not limited to hail damage, wood windows, drip boards, hand Rails, Exc. This is where the best Caulk, Primer, and Paint will help us shine!

Hail Damage

If your home was damaged due to hail, you need to know what you should consider when getting your house painted by a professional. Professional house painting experts can make your home appear new however, there are a few factors to be considered before making a decision on everything from the type of paint used to the price of the project. A good contractor can make a big impact on the overall quality the work therefore it is essential to research prior to selecting a contractor. Click Here to learn more concerning the repair of hail damage caused by hail to your home, and the advantages of getting your home painted professionally.

Ambassador Painting stands behind the work we do, Every Customer is important, your concerns are important, and we are listening. We strive to make the painting of your home as comfortable and stress-free as we possibly can. As well as using the best products we can for each area of your home.

We do provide minor wood replacement when needed.

Thank you, Wanda Talley of Ambassador Painting